Wire Fraud Scams Still Prevalent in Real Estate Transactions

Wire fraud has been plaguing the real estate industry for years and shows no signs of abating.  We want our buyers to be aware of the dangers.

  • Once our wire instructions are issued, it is highly unlikely that they will change.
  • Always call our published numbers and speak to our known employees to confirm wire instructions before sending any money.
  • Be suspicious of emails asking you to wire money urgently as this is a pressure tactic used by scammers.
  • Never use the email or phone number provided in a request for wired funds to verify the request.  You will most likely be contacting the scammers. Always contact us at our published phone numbers or email addresses.

Click this link to be taken to an article about a couple who were scammed into sending $78,000 to criminals instead of to their attorney’s trust account.

Please be careful with your money.  Speak to your local Foundation representative if you have questions about wire fraud.

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