Foundation Title does not accept, nor do we require, changes or confirmations of wire instructions by email or fax.

ALWAYS contact our office to verify wire instruction changes that are sent to you.


We take the safety and security of our clients’ funds very seriously.  We maintain strict controls over our wire in and wire out procedures.

There is a growing concern in the real estate industry as a whole about 3rd party criminals attacking settlement funds by mimicking or “spoofing” the email addresses of attorneys, lenders, realtors, title insurers and settlement agents.  We take every precaution to make sure that your email system can authenticate our legitimate emails so as to discern them from spoofed emails, but we can not force your email service provider or IT provider to make sure that those authentication controls are in play.  If you need assistance with making sure that your email is safe, please don’t hesitate to contact for a discussion on this or any other security topic, or perhaps guidance on what questions to ask your IT/Email provider.

Peter Casey Wall
Director of Technology and Compliance

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