Trends to Increase Your Productivity

Change is here and being more productive is more necessary than ever.

There seems to be something new and impactful happening in our world every time we turn on the news lately and it seems that the year 2020 has brought everything we could ever imagine.  And with major events, comes major change. 

Many businesses have been forced to update their technologies as a way to combat the negative effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and many of us have been a part of these changes.  We see that it is necessary to get more done and be more productive with less time and different resources.  And as the demand to work smarter and get more done increases, here are some trends for which we should be on the lookout.

The most obvious change is in productivity softwares.  Programs have developed that will help us monitor our supply chains more effectively and achieve our goals.  These types of softwares that assist in our productivity levels support our time management, our team management, our project management, and our customer relationship management.  With more effective software, you will be able to monitor your own time, your team, and also keep up with your valuable customers.  You can know where most of your time each day is spent and where this can be adjusted while still being impactful.

The next trend to watch is remote work.  Many employees have had to quickly adapt to a work-from-home lifestyle and companies have found out who does not need to be in the office to get work done.  According to John Hall, Co-founder at, Strategist, and Keynote Speaker, “Working from home will soon become a requirement for job seekers rather than a luxury”.  Since studies have shown that remote workers are just as productive as in-office workers, if not more so, this option could become more popular among employers and businesses.  Hall also states that, “having autonomy over their schedules, the ability to create a personalized work environment, and the fortune to be close to family are motivating factors that will become more valued as the workplace transitions from the cubicle to the basement”. 

The final trend to watch is e-books and podcasts.  These resources can be easily listened to at any point in the day and can offer anyone great information about topics of interest.  Many podcasts discuss insights into business, finance, and many other topics so anybody can learn from them and be inspired by them while still completing other tasks.  We do not need to be pulled away from all of our work in order to learn about topics or get updated on the news.

Each of these things; productivity softwares, remote work, and podcasts and e-books, offer us methods by which to get more done in the same amount of time as we have always had.  The demand to get more done in our busy work days is ever increasing and staying up with these trends will allow you to stay ahead of competitors and keep up with your consumers.

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