Tech Gadget of the Day

Tech Gadget of the Day


This is not an advertisement or endorsement.  I have not been paid for this article.  It’s just too cool not to share.

Are you a notetaker? Me too.  Do you hate writing notes on your phone or tablet? Same for me.  Do you wish there was a way to write notes on paper with pen, without having to then carry around 10 pounds of paper in your briefcase?  Stop reading my mind!

Rocketbook sounds like a great solution because it allows you to write in pen on specially designed paper.  When you’re done, use the rocketbook app to send your notes to the cloud service of your choice. (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.)  Then use the microfiber cloth to wipe the notes of the page and start all over.

No paper waste.  No carrying around stacks of paper.  No issue of your paper notes getting destroyed, lost, or stolen because they’re instantly uploaded to the cloud.  I’ll be checking one of these out pretty soon for sure.

Check them out here

The Rocketbook Fusion is on the Amazon Treasure Truck today in New York and Philadelphia. Check it out:

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