Spotlight: Reinventing the Mortgage Process

As many buyers, sellers and agents know, the mortgage process can be a tricky aspect within any real estate transaction. But with Quicken Loans, securing a mortgage is now easier than ever before. Real estate agents around the nation are feeling the relief thanks to Quicken Loans’ VIP Agent Team. There to help every step of the way, the VIP Agent Team—under which the Market Management Team resides—is instrumental when it comes to ensuring a steady, smooth progression for buyers looking to secure financing, offering a down-the-street approach with the power of a national brand.

“Their ad campaign is wild and crazy, and we’re into that!” says Paul Wells. “We like the feel of it, and their response team has been very quick and very professional,” which goes a long way toward putting quality time back in the hands of agents.

While Quicken Loans assists buyers’ needs by quickly and efficiently helping them secure a mortgage, the company’s VIP Agent Team serves as a resource for agents and brokers who have any questions or possible curveballs thrown at their transaction along the way. According to Wells, broker/owner/manager of RE/MAX of Barrington in Barrington, Ill., the company provides an “instant response.”

“Recently, I had a listing that another agent sold to his buyer. I had to talk to Quicken Loans to ask a question. Most companies have you go through 15 prompts in order to talk to someone, but with Quicken Loans, I was able to connect with my dedicated point guard quickly and easily,” says Wells. “Not only was she nice, but she was able to solve the dilemma right away. It was a refreshing experience.”

Having a dedicated team at Quicken Loans helping agents on a consistent basis is one contributing factor to Wells’ success, something he doesn’t take lightly. In fact, the team at Quicken Loans is committed to providing Wells with the resources he needs to stay up-to-date on the status of his clients’ loans anytime, anywhere.

“To be frank, they’re a safety net under a trampoline. Business can be crazy, and you can fall off at any time. It’s nice to have the VIP Agent Team there to catch you and put you back on the trampoline,” says Wells.

While Wells points to regular communication as the main weak point within the mortgage industry, he can’t say enough about Quicken Loans’ understanding of the importance of keeping the lines of communication open between agents and brokers and their clients’ mortgage company.

“It’s a really refreshing feeling to talk to someone at Quicken Loans and have someone cordial and kind to speak to, who can answer my questions right away,” concludes Wells, who can’t say enough about the Market Management Team.

With the stellar communication and noteworthy dedication from the team at Quicken Loans, the company is laying the foundation in order to reinvent and redefine the mortgage industry.

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