Spotlight: Expert Level Data Critical to Real Estate Success

Real estate is a fluid industry that demands many skills of its practitioners. Agents need to be good listeners, mobile-enabled and on the go, with the ability to communicate and negotiate effectively and efficiently. But perhaps even more important to an agent’s success is the breadth of his or her local market knowledge.

For Barbara Lewis, a sales associate with Weichert, REALTORS® in Summit, N.J., Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) has made all the difference. A single-source database that’s closed to the public, RPR aggregates hundreds of datasets on over 160 million properties, providing one streamlined system that real estate professionals can utilize to help fulfill their clients’ needs.

Inside this easy-to-use resource, agents can find information pertaining to public records and tax assessments; liens, mortgages and refinancing loans; school district data, reviews and test scores, and more.

“I use RPR all the time,” says Lewis, “and I accredit it to doubling my business in 2015.”

Rich with features that up the ‘wow’ factor when working with today’s clients, Lewis points to the platform’s built-in pricing tool as a critical component when determining a home’s worth. “RPR’s pricing tool allows me to hone in on a property and explain to a seller, with statistics, why, for example, a $50,000 kitchen remodeled 10 years ago has depreciated,” she says. “It also takes the pressure off of me as their agent because I have facts and numbers to back up my statements.”

Another contributing factor to Lewis’ success? The customizable reports she has access to through RPR. Easy to create and deliver, reports can be tailored to meet—and exceed—the needs of each and every client.

While Lewis continues to take advantage of all that RPR has to offer, she can’t say enough about the folks who work behind the scenes—and their willingness to be there for her should she ever need anything.

“I’ve used the help desk many times,” says Lewis, “and they’re always available to help resolve the issue. It’s a great resource for people just learning the tool who need someone to reach out to.”

In addition to being an avid RPR user herself, Lewis is also a certified RPR trainer, touting the program’s benefits far and wide.

“The reaction to RPR is always really great whenever I take it to other offices. It’s such a competitive environment, and in order to compete with other agents, you have to have all the tools and know what you’re talking about.”

With RPR by her side, Lewis is able to do just that for buyers and sellers alike.

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