Sales Trends to Watch

As the world and its consumers change, be mindful of these trends that could help make or break your next sale.

The last few months have truly been a testament to just how quickly our world can change and how business changes with it.  The sales trends that used to work; going door-to-door or meeting face to face with clients over lunch, may not necessarily be the best route to take anymore.  Consumer behavior and client expectations have changed and we should all be ready to take on any new changes in the future.  Here are just a few trends on which to focus so that you can take your old go-to strategies and update them a bit.

Practicing your presentation skills and showing your clients that you have prepared to meet with them has always been crucial for entrepreneurs and business owners.  This trend is not going away, but rather, evolving these days.  The rise of video conference technology will make it easier to connect with others, but it is just as important to practice your presentation.  Now, you will need to show your comfort level with technology in addition to having your presentation nailed down.  Your delivery skills are just as important on Zoom or Teams — or any other video platform.  Your clients will notice if you are not prepared.

Next, you need to hone your ability to make things personal even with limited in-person interaction.  Seventy percent of consumers still prefer human interaction, even in a world that allows them to quickly purchase just about anything with the click of a button from the comfort of their home.  This is where your Customer Relationship Management tools will come into play.  Managing phone lines to take care of customer concerns fulfills a client’s desire to have human interaction while also solving their problems.  Adding a personal touch anywhere you can will set your services apart from those of your competitors.  

Diversifying your marketing channels is also more necessary than ever.  As you can no longer rely on just an in-person meeting with someone, you must ensure that your efforts are spread out everywhere.  From content marketing on social media, to email marketing campaigns, to asking your current customers to refer you to their circle of influence, you need to be busy updating each of these channels.  Leaving one of these out could cost you a new business lead.

Finally, being deliberate about scheduling follow-up meetings is important in creating new relationships.  With less structure these days as many businesses have closed, people are working from home, kids have been stuck at home for months, making your name known to someone is more important than ever.  Make sure you take the time to follow up with your clients and make that relationship even stronger.  We all know how stressful these times have been, so remember how your client may be feeling and reach out to them to follow up.

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