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Getting your house in shape to sell this spring

If you are planning on putting your house on the market this Spring, right now is a critical time to make sure that repairs are made and updates are done so that you can get your house sold as quickly as possible.  Spring is just a few weeks away, so here are a few things to get you started so that you can find the perfect buyer for your home!

The first step is to declutter your space.  It is no secret that a cluttered house is not appealing to potential home buyers, so take the time now to clear out any items that you do not currently use.  Pay particular attention to hallways, the garage, closets, and the kitchen. Clear out hallways and organize closets by putting items in bins to show off all of the space available in your house.  Buyers do not want to feel cramped as they walk through your home. Also, recycle items such as cleaning products and paint cans. Visit this website to find out which products must be taken to recycling centers and where you can find these locations in your county in New Jersey:

Next, use the colder March weather to walk around your house to feel for any drafts around door frames, windows, and fireplaces.  See if there are any issues that could hinder the sale of your property. Be sure to also check for any cracks around appliances that could need repairs.

Finally, work on your property’s curb appeal.  Check for any exterior damage that could have occurred during the winter months.  Replace any damaged shingles or siding and ensure that all gutters, doors, and window frames are in good condition and free of moisture.  The outside of your house is the first thing that potential buyers will see, so be sure to make it as appealing as possible!

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