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Real Estate Title Insurance and Settlement Assistance

Real Estate Title Insurance and Settlement Assistanc

Real estate attorneys looking for the best title insurance provider for their clients rely on Foundation Title to be their source for title insurance and settlement assistance.

It all starts with the search and examination.  We know each and every one of our county searchers by name.  We use independent searchers who are true experts and that carry appropriate levels of errors and omissions insurance.  More importantly, we have a long relationship with all of our searchers and we trust them to provide us with rock solid title evidence for every transaction.  Our staff of seasoned examiners includes 5 Senior level full-time examiners and others who are learning from their knowledge and experience.  By the time your client’s file gets to production it has passed through these expert hands so that we limit errors due to misreading of the index and search work and limit the amount of redundant or unnecessary title requirements or exceptions in the preliminary commitment.

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After you have a quality title commitment in hand, you need a responsive and proactive clearance department.  All of our branches are empowered to make quick clerical changes to the commitments so there’s never a long wait for a name change.  Any changes or requests regarding the title to the property will be reviewed thoroughly and efficiently by our examiners, with the intent being to communicate any changes, or issues clearly and efficiently.

These days we find many of our attorney clients are disinclined to staff a full settlement department due to the rigors of regulation or the difficulty in finding trained personnel.  We can help by being your full service settlement company.  We work with you to make the settlement process seamless.  We are comfortable with communicating through you or directly with the parties, as you desire.  We can also provide settlement support services if you are approved by lenders and underwriters for settlement and disbursements, but don’t have the staff to prepare the settlement statements and payoffs.  Whichever scenario fits your needs, Foundation Title is ready to be your trusted provider.  We are compliant with the seven pillars of the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices and we follow strong security protocols with regard to consumer and client information.

Let us help you make your real estate practice run like clockwork.

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