By Peter Casey Wall
Director of Technology and Compliance
Foundation Title, LLC


In a recent article published on the website for American University in Washington, DC, the story of a $1.5 Million theft of a homebuyer’s funds is told.

Apparently, the buyers received an email that appeared to be from their title company asking for them to wire their purchase funds in to an account that was controlled by the criminals who orchestrated the phishing scheme.

At Foundation title, we take every precaution to keep all of our customer communications and sensitive information safe, but it is becoming more prevalent that fraudsters are focusing on the consumer and we want to make sure everyone is aware of the following: Foundation Title does not accept, nor do we require, changes to wire instructions by email or fax. Always call our office and speak to a known employee to verify wire instructions.

This warning is at the bottom of every one of our emails, but it bears repeating.  Whenever you receive a communication from anyone requesting that you move money or provide personal information, never respond to that email, and never call a number provided in that email.  Always contact them with a known phone number and speak to a known employee.

If you have any questions about this or any other cybersecurity issue, please contact me at

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