Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Intern

As the busy season starts ramping up you may find yourself wondering if you need to hire someone to help you get some things done in the office.  Rather than hiring temporary help, why not consider an intern?  Graduating college students thinking of starting a real estate career make great interns.  They can get a feel for what is involved in the business while helping you with time consuming, but important aspects of real estate buying and selling.

Here’s some ways an intern can help

  1. Posting to Social Media
  2. Market Analyses and Reports
  3. Searching the MLS
  4. Website Maintenance
  5. Blogging
  6. Transaction Coordination

Where you can find an intern?

There are several places that you can advertise or search for available interns.  One of the main places to find them is your local community college or university.  Using the internet to search in places like Craigslist or can also be helpful.  Don’t forget to ask your colleagues.  They may know someone thinking of real estate as a career and may want to explore the business for a while before jumping in.

Should you pay your intern?

That depends on what you can offer the intern.  If you are considering an unpaid intern, you need to make sure that you are providing an educational environment. The Federal Government has rules and regulations for hiring unpaid interns. You can find out more at  U.S. Department of Labor – Internship Programs.

Hiring a paid intern is a bit more complicated than an unpaid intern.  If you decide to pay your intern, you may be responsible for worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance and state labor laws.  Find out more about Legal Requirements for Unpaid Internship Programs.

Whether to use an intern or not is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly.  If you do move forward and utilize the services of an intern, one thing is for certain, you are the one who will show them how great it is to be a Real Estate Agent!

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