Giving a Word of Advice to Your Buyer

Buyers often come to an agent with unrealistic expectations, and as the agent, it’s your job to educate them on what they should be looking for. Right now it’s a buyers’ market, so let them know that it means that the buyers ultimately set the price on the homes. Below are three tips that will help your buyer become more confident as they make one of the biggest decisions of their life as well as the most expensive decision they will ever make.

1)   Be the early bird! If your buyer knows that they are going to purchase within the next year have them start looking in the spring or summer months as this will allow for a larger inventory for the buyer to choose from.

2) Shop around for the right mortgage! Let buyers know that they should not settle with the first thing they hear. They need to do some research and see who is offering the best rate, and if any lenders have incentives to be taken advantage of.

3) Consider buying new construction as opposed to an existing property. When purchasing a new home there will be no upgrades that have to be done with the property. There will not be any damage done to the property as the buyer will be the first resident in the property. Also, the buyer can have options to choose from, and can customize the new home to fit their wants and needs.

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