Fake Check Scams “Epidemic”

Title Companies often have their checks mimicked by criminals because we have a lot of checks floating around that have been cashed, so it’s easy for criminals to copy our format and issue checks to unsuspecting victims who fall prey to a scheme such as the ones described in this CBS News article.  For our own protection, we utilize positive pay with all of our checks, so only those checks we authorize affirmatively each day with our bank are permitted to be cashed.  All fake checks will be rejected.

Protect your self from these scams by following the advice in the article.


Excerpted from the CBS News article published September 5, 2018 :

“In a new report, the Better Business Bureau warns that regular checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders can all be forged. They found fake check fraud in reports “about employment frauds, sweepstakes frauds and smaller numbers in areas such as bogus grants, tech support, online purchase fraud, and rental frauds.”

“What they all have in common is that the check is counterfeit and just because the money is credited to your account does not mean the check is good,” Baker said.”

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