Economic Recovery in the Second Half of 2020

Economic experts saying that the U.S. economic recovery will begin in second half of 2020

After all that our country has been through this year, many of us are wondering how the United States economy will fare following the Covid-19 pandemic.  While we cannot be sure how the recovery of our economy will play out, experts are saying that it will take place in the second part of this year.  A monthly poll of economic experts in the Wall Street Journal has found that among these expert economists, 85.3% believe a recovery will begin in the second half of 2020.  

Economists seem to be on the same page about the economy picking up around the months of June and July, Chief Investment Officer for Merrill, Chris Hyzy, states that, “We fully expect the economy could begin to pick up in late June and July with a strong recovery in the fourth quarter”.  This is great news to hear as we head into the month of June after a very chaotic and challenging Spring.  Major financial institutions are also forecasting positive GDP in the second part of the year.  

Overall, agreement among economists, analysts, and major financial institutions is stronger than ever regarding the turnaround in the U.S. economy.  Therefore, we as consumers and as employees in this economy can look forward to the months ahead being stronger than we have seen so far this year and we can have a more positive outlook on the future.


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