In Memoriam

Edward Rickenbach

Edward Rickenbach

His vision- June 13, 2005

Ed Rickenbach opened Foundation Title.
Ed believed in his passion to cultivate strong connections with the people around him and nurture those connections.
Ed believed some people had GOD given talent and some people were hard workers, like himself, who could rise above not having talent with hard work.

So he took those hard workers and those with talent and put them together to build this company. He mentored many and he would tell you, he failed some. But in the end, he put his head on the pillow and slept soundly. (Here I SHOULD say LOUDLY-what a snorer).

Ed would always say the Company is a success because of all of you and not him. He was proud of all of you.

Some days Ed would remind me that there have been the most incredible people who have been in his life who inspired him and he wanted to pass those inspirations along. I am positive he accomplished that and more.

Here you might want me to add “well, he wasn’t perfect”- but he was sincerely kind and intelligent with virtually no filter, often offending people. So, I ask you not to recall those times and try to remember all the good positive attributes that the charming, creative, determined Ed Rickenbach had and think about him once in a while with fondness and gratitude for all he was.

At some point in your day, you will hear in your head “what is the order count?” or “Hey Good Buddy” or the word “Shortage” and remember him with a smile.

Ed Rickenbach passed peacefully in his sleep on June 22, 2021, surrounded by his family after what was an epic battle with Cancer he NEVER gave up, you would have been so proud, I was.

-Amy Katz Rickenbach

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